Put some SPRING into Spring Cleaning!

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19 February, 2019
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Put some SPRING into Spring Cleaning!

Is it that time again? Whenever the weather warms up most of us feel like doing some spring cleaning. However, it’s not really something that fills us with lots of enthusiasm. Do not despair! We have some great tips to save you time and make cleaning really fun! So rather than a pain in the back, it will be a pleasure! And…..what are you going to do with all those unwanted items? What about taking a storage unit at Planet Space?

Tidy up before cleaning up!

Remember that old chestnut ‘as clean as new’? When we get the urge to clean sometimes the size of our house is greater than our enthusiasm. But, come on! What’s stopping you? With the right cleaning products it’s much quicker and easier.

Tidying up is the first thing that needs to be done before the cleaning begins. Putting away things that you don’t need at the moment like clothes, furniture or other bits and pieces is essential. Don’t dismay! Planet Space is there for you and from 55€ a month including VAT you can rent a 1m2 space with us that will fit 12 large boxes.

7 tips to make cleaning a walk in the park

  • Be prepared! Make sure you have all the products you will need.
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes.
  • Make a cleaning plan. Start with the kitchen and bathroom. Always start work from the top to the bottom and from the back to the front. Leave floor cleaning till last.
  • Give yourself achievable goals, for example starting with 1 room per day.
  • When using cleaning products the golden rule is less is moreand follow the instructions. If you use too much, a sticky film may form over time.
  • Give yourself a cleaning treat! While you wait for the floors to dry have a nice coffee.
  • Put on your favourite tunes and get your body moving whilst you do the big clean.

Do you Need space? Come to Planet Space!


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