18 March, 2019

Put some SPRING into Spring Cleaning!

Is it that time again? Whenever the weather warms up most of us feel like doing some spring cleaning. However, it’s not really something that fills […]
19 February, 2019

More SPACE for you!

Since a few days ago we have expanded our SON MORRO site in the same name industrial area in Palma. Now we have 170 new units […]
17 January, 2019

Celebrating 15 Years

We’ve just started 2019, a very special year in the history of Planet Space. We celebrate 15 years of experience, 15 years of your trust in […]
13 December, 2018

Xmas is almost here….

WOW! Its almost Xmas time! Do you remember where you stored your Christmas decoration last year? Under the bed? On top of your wardrobe? Our clients […]