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23 January, 2018
Der Sommer ist fast hier!
28 May, 2018
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Trabajando en equipo! Teamwork!

Planet Space Self Storage junto con Complete Marine Freight se han encargado del almacenaje para la feria náutica Palma SuperYacht Show2018. Complete Marine Freight ha sido elegida por 3er año consecutivo la empresa de logística oficial de dicho evento!
¿Necesitas SPACE? Ven a Planet Space

Planet Space has joined forces once more with our sister company Complete Marine Freight storing goods for the upcoming Palma SuperYacht Show. CMF has been choosen as the official Logistics Partner 2018 for the Show.
Do you need SPACE? Come to Planet Space!

Planet Space Self Storage ist wieder mit Complete Marine Freightverantwortlich für die Lagerung des Palma SuperYacht Show 2018. Complete Marine Freight ist die official logistics Partner 2018 für diese Messe!
Brauchen Sie SPACE? Kommen Sie zu Planet Space!

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